Mission & Core Values

Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

Charlotte Behavioral Health Care’s mission is to provide high quality, compassionate, cost effective health care services to the individuals and families we serve.

Core Values

Welcoming:  We believe that service to individuals is the reason we exist. Accordingly, we will create an environment that is comfortable, friendly, and welcoming.

Integrity:  We, in the spirit of honesty and integrity, resolve to do the right things for the right reasons, for consumers, for staff and for the community.

Respect:  To be treated with dignity, respect, and privacy as an inherent right; we will treat all staff and consumers accordingly.

Innovation:  We strive to use best practices that promote the best outcomes for persons served.   We believe “striving” means that improvement must be continuous, and that it is rooted in creativity and constant sharpening of existing skills.

Teamwork: We assert that a committed group of individuals working together can produce significant change and that collective knowledge, skills and experiences will achieve better results than individual efforts