Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services

Coping with mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety can interfere with your ability to live a happy and rewarding life. The expert mental health professionals at Charlotte Behavioral Health Care can help provide you with relief.

Our mental health professionals offer assessments, evaluations and treatments for you or your family members. Mental health treatment programs may include individual, group and family therapy. Our program is staffed by therapists and psychiatric professionals and provides patients with the latest treatments for a variety of psychiatric disorders.

Charlotte Behavioral Health Care offers a full array of mental health care, you are treated with compassion, dignity, and respect, and our services emphasize your self-esteem and individuality. Our goal is to help you maintain lasting recovery and become a productive member of our community.

*Pregnant women will receive priority admission status


Children and Adolescents
Children and adolescents face unique developmental, social, behavioral and emotional challenges. Charlotte Behavioral Health Care can assist you, your child and family in addressing these challenges. In fact, our specialized children’s staff treat over 2,000 children every year and are committed to providing the best treatment for your child.
Charlotte Behavioral Health Care’s professional staff uses effective treatment and intervention methods to help ensure the healthy emotional and social development of your child. Our children’s therapists work with families in Charlotte County and outlying areas to develop individualized treatment plans that specifically target:
– Improved behavior at home and school.Children-and-Adolescents-face-unique-developmental-social-behavioral-and-emotional-challenges-boy-photo
– Decreased symptoms.
– Decreased family conflict.
– And other improvements.

Our trained children’s therapy and psychiatric professionals can help you and your child or adolescent with the following issues:
– Adjustment problems.
– Anxiety or depression.
– Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
– Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders.
– Behavioral problems or disorders.
– Sexual, physical or emotional abuse.
– Suicidal thoughts or behaviors.
– Substance abuse.
– Trauma or grief issues.
– And others.

Charlotte Behavioral Health Care offers a full array of child psychiatrist and counseling services for children and adolescents, and we can help you if your child has an issue and you don’t know where else to turn. Our services include Individual and Family Therapy, Group Family Programs (BRAG Program), Case Management, Psychiatric/Medication Services, Intensive Home and School Based Therapy Services and Crisis Services.

If you believe you or someone you know could benefit from our Children and Adolescent Outpatient Services, please contact us now. We look forward to serving you.

View and Download Children and Adolescents Brochure (PDF)Here

View and Download BRAG Brochure (PDF) – Here


Substance Abuse Outpatient
Charlotte Behavioral Health Care’s Substance Abuse Outpatient treatment services aim to help people of all ages — adults, adolescents and children — who genuinely want to recover from chemical dependency and drug or alcohol problems. Our drug and alcohol treatment services are effective in reducing drug use and helping people like you live more productive, rewarding lives.

Everyone we work with is treated with respect and concern and is encouraged to view drug abuse treatment not as evidence of personal failure and unworthiness but as a highly treatable condition for which there can be successful resolution. Drug and alcohol treatment includes individual, group, and family counseling.

Some specialty groups/services include:
– Education and evaluations for DUI referrals.
– Department of Corrections’ referrals.
– Juvenile Probation referrals.
– Women with sexual abuse or physical abuse history and substance abuse issues.

For those who need inpatient services, Charlotte Behavioral Health Care’s Recovery Center is available for detoxification services and residential treatment.

If you believe you or someone you know could benefit from our Substance Abuse Outpatient Services, please contact us now. We look forward to serving you.
View or Download Substance Abuse Brochure (PDF) – Here

Note: This program receives federal Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Funds and serves people who inject drugs. This program is therefore federally required to give preference in admitting people into treatment as follows:

  1. Pregnant injecting drug users;
  2. Pregnant drug users;
  3. People who inject drugs;
  4. All others.