Batterer’s Intervention Program

Batterer’s Intervention Program

Men Who Batter Can Change

CBHC offers “The Duluth Model,” a 28-week research-based program that creates a process of change. The Duluth Model is the most widely-adopted approach in the world for intervening with men who batter and keeping battered women safer. The Duluth Model has shown great success, coupling a strong, consistent criminal justice system response with men’s nonviolence classes. In fact, research has shown that 68% of men who complete the program have not reappeared in the criminal justice system over a course of eight years.*

The strength of our intervention model comes from basing every intervention firmly on the experience of women who have been battered, coordinating a consistent criminal justice system response for men who batter, and offering these men opportunities for change. The effectiveness of this approach is witnessed by the men who have chosen to change and the women who report they are safer.

The Duluth Model men’s nonviolence program helps facilitate men’s change through a process of critical dialogue. Our facilitators create an open learning environment that respects the men, their experience, and their thinking, but also challenges their entitlement to abuse. Participants are challenged to question the beliefs they each carry about themselves, their partners, and the world. Together, participants and facilitators analyze how men use violence, what beliefs give them permission to control their partners and their children, and the impact of this violence on everyone. The program then explores and practices non-controlling and nonviolent alternatives.

Goals of The Duluth Model

The goals of The Duluth Model offender education program are to:

  • Assist the participant to understand that his acts of violence are a means of controlling his partner’s actions, thoughts, and feelings by examining the intent of his acts of abuse and how it is tied to the belief system from which he operates
  • Educate the participants through the use of group dialogue
  • Increase the participant’s understanding of the causes of his violence by examining the cultural and social contexts in which he uses violence against his partner
  • Increase the participant’s willingness to change his abusive behavior by examining the negative effects of his behavior on his relationship, his partner, his children, and himself
  • Increase the participant’s ability to hold himself responsible for the hurt he has caused by creating a safe and accountable environment
  • Assist the participant to understand equality, respect, love, and partnership by examining the actions, intents, and beliefs necessary to realize these positive characteristics of relationships.

The program is offered to court-ordered/DCF approved individuals, although a court order is not required for participation.


Anger Management Group meets Tuesdays 4- 5 p.m.

Batterer’s Intervention Program meets Tuesdays from 5:30 – 7 p.m.


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