Project Hope

Project Hope

Free Community-Based Hurricane Recovery Assistance

To receive assistance from Project Hope, call 941-347-6422 (Charlotte County) or 863-444-0425 (Desoto County).

Project Hope is a Crisis Counseling Assistance Program funded by FEMA and SAMHSA. The mission of the Project is to assist individuals and communities in recovering from the aftereffects of natural and human-caused disasters through community-based outreach and educational resources. It is designed to add to and strengthen programs already existing in our community by promoting recovery, adaptability, and empowerment.

No need to come to us – our trained crisis professionals deliver services in the community – directly in the homes of those that need assistance. They provide an array of services free of charge to any community member requesting assistance, including individual and group crisis counseling; basic support and education; community partnering and support; and assessment, referral, and resource information.

The goals of Project Hope are to:

  • Assess the emotional needs of survivors and make referrals to community agencies as needed.
  • Identify physical needs and link survivors to community resources and disaster relief services.
  • Provide emotional support, education, basic crisis counseling, resource materials, and connections to family and community support systems.
  • Train community members and survivors about disaster reactions and services available.

Note: All services are anonymous. No identifying information will be taken; no records or case files are kept; you will not be labeled; you will not be judged.

To see the program flyer, click here for English or click here for Spanish.

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