Case Management

Case Management

Charlotte Behavioral Health Care’s Case Management Services help people like you with accessing resources and services that build upon your strengths. The goal is achieving stability and success in the community.

The service includes an individualized service plan that focuses on linking you to community resources and activities that support your recovery and those impacted by your mental illness or substance abuse issue.

Face-to-face contact between you and your professional case manager happens a minimum of once every 30 days in your home or elsewhere in the community. The actual amount of contact and support received is determined by your needs.

Case managers are available during normal business hours and work with internal and external treatment and service resources to link you to appropriate treatments and services and monitor their effectiveness.

If you believe you or someone you know could benefit from our Case Management Services, please contact us now. We look forward to serving you.

“My Child’s Case Manager is amazing…He was so genuine & sincere I will NEVER forget how much he has helped my family. He truly is an asset to Charlotte Behavioral Health Care.”