Case Management

Case Management

Our case management team offers comprehensive services and supports available to individuals diagnosed with a serious mental illness or substance use disorder who are in need of assistance with improving their quality of life and further enhancing their integration in the community.

The primary goal of our case management team is to connect individuals with needed services, including medical, social, educational, mental health, housing, insurance, employment, financial, and other services, so they can function as independently as possible in our communities.

Case managers coordinate the provision of quality treatment and support services in the most efficient and helpful way possible, advocate for their clients’ needs, and follow up to ensure service effectiveness. Case Management also can provide support for the families and friends. In addition, case management services may impact whether the individual remains in treatment or has successful treatment outcomes. Case management helps reduce the need for institutionalization, hospitalization, or incarceration of an individual due to mental health issues.

Our focused attention and devoted care for those we serve help to define the quality of case management services we aim to provide each day.

Service Offerings

Case management services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Individualized, person-centered treatment planning
  • Face-to-face contact between you and your professional case manager a minimum of once every 30 days in your home or elsewhere in the community. The actual amount of contact and support received is determined by your needs.
  • Linkages to housing, financial entitlement programs, social services, transportation, vocational and employment programs, medical, and dental care
  • Collaboration with a psychiatrist and monitoring of psychiatric functioning and status
  • Referrals to and monitoring of optional services, including residential, mental health supports, recovery groups, and psychiatric rehabilitation programs.

Case Management services operate from a strengths-based and recovery-oriented perspective.  The level and intensity of services vary depending upon an individual’s need, and services are provided on a continuum that allows maximum flexibility for the individual to move to a higher or lower level of care.

Information & Referral Services

As a part of effective care, this program provides brief case management services to any patient not enrolled in the case management program. This includes assistance with housing, financial planning, referrals to food banks, and other needs. The group meets Mondays from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. in Building B at the Punta Gorda Campus. No appointment is required.


“My child’s Case Manager is amazing…He was so genuine & sincere; I will NEVER forget how much he has helped my family. He truly is an asset to Charlotte Behavioral Health Care.”