C.A.T. Services

C.A.T. Services

The Children’s Community Action Team (C.A.T.) provides comprehensive, community-based services to children aged 11-21 with more significant mental health or substance use disorder diagnoses. CAT Teams deliver intensive individualized services where children and their families live, work, and learn with the goal of promoting resiliency in the child and strengthening the family unit. The CAT Team provides a continuum of care for children who are at risk of foster care placement, have two or more Crisis Stabilization unit stays, are involved with Juvenile Justice or have multiple episodes involving law enforcement, or have poor academic performance and/or suspensions.

C.A.T. is a 24/7 365 day/year program in which team members work in the community including transportation of the family and/or their family to remove any barriers to success for them and their treatment goals.

Services provided and/or coordinated by the team include:

  • Psychiatric (evaluation and medication management)
  • Therapy (individual, group and family)
  • Case Management
  • Mentoring, life skills development and respite services
  • Crisis intervention & 24/7 on-call coverage/support
  • Educational system advocacy, coordination, and tutoring

The goals of the C.A.T. Team are to:

  • Improve school related outcomes such as attendance, grades and graduation rates.
  • Decrease out of home placements
  • Improve family and youth functioning
  • Decrease substance use and abuse
  • Decrease CSU admissions
  • Increase health and wellness
  • Transition child into age appropriate services

For complete information, click here to view our C.A.T. Program brochure.