Family Support & Prevention Services

Family Support & Prevention Services

Charlotte Behavioral Court ServicesAll families can benefit in some way from connecting with resources in the community to assist them with the challenges of family life and parenthood.

At Charlotte Behavioral Health Care, we have a number of programs and services that assist individuals by promoting healthy parenting skills and focus on strengthening families. Our programs and services can take many forms, but is overall designed to help the parents enhance their family communication skills and resolve problems in order to provide a healthy family and ultimately a stronger community.

When children are parented in a nurturing way with consistency and stability, they have the best possible opportunity of developing well and entering school ready to learn, and ultimately becoming productive citizens. Married couples, blended families, grandparents as parents, teen parents and single parents can all benefit from the Family Support & Prevention Services offered through Charlotte Behavioral Health Care.

Family Support and Prevention Services

We offer a variety of support programs designed to educate and guide parents in the skills needed for safe home environments with nurturing interactions.

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Behavioral Health Liaisons. Behavioral Health Liaisons are located in the DCF offices for DeSoto, Charlotte, and Lee counties. These staff works with child protective investigators to determine if mental health concerns affect the safety of the children in the home as well as facilitate referrals for services to meet the needs of families in the child welfare system

Florida Assertive Community Treatment (FACT). The FACT program serves adults with severe and persistent mental illness, who may also have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder. The program’s multidisciplinary staff obtain or directly provide all mental health services to persons served, primarily in their homes or the community, including: psychiatric care; medical referral and follow-up; individual supportive therapy; crisis assessment and intervention; substance abuse services; work-related vocational services; support in activities of daily living; social, interpersonal relationship and leisure time training; case management services; and supportive services.  In addition, the program assists individuals to obtain affordable housing, which may include assistance with security deposits, utilities, and rent.

Family Intervention Specialist (FIS). FIS Specialists work with families in the DCF system to help expedite treatment services for those involved in the child welfare system.

Family Intensive Treatment Team (FIT). CBHC’s FIT Team provides team-based, family-focused, comprehensive services for caregivers within the child welfare system who have been identified as having a substance use disorder. The FIT Team provides a combination of wraparound care coordination, behavioral health therapy services, and peer support for approximately six months, with the goal of keeping the parent and child together or with reunification upon completion of treatment.

Healthy Start. Every child deserves a healthy start in life. Healthy Starts services are dedicated to providing services to pregnant women and families with children up to 3 years. Services include: early access to prenatal care, the reduction of infant mortality, and ensuring positive maternal and child health outcomes, Care Coordination services are free and assess needs, identify risks, and link families to resources and additional community’s services with ongoing support by telephone or through home visitation to ensure access to care. Healthy Start Wrap Around services include psychosocial counseling, short-term parenting, tobacco cessation, breastfeeding support, childbirth education classes, and nutritional counseling.

Nurturing Parenting Groups. Our goal is to encourage parents and promote positive parent/child interactions. These 12-week evening classes are offered free of charge in a group format for anyone wanting to improve their parenting skills. Groups discuss a variety of topics such as family leadership, discipline and teamwork, the power to nurture, juggling work and family life, stress management, and much more.

Parenting Classes. These are for voluntary and court ordered/court-approved parents with children aged 0-18. Classes last 10 weeks and cover a variety of topics designed to promote positive and effective parenting skills.  Individual, in-home classes as well as group classes are available.

Child-Parent Psychotherapy. This program benefits caregivers and children (aged birth through 5 years) who may have difficulties impacting the child and caregiver relationship. At the core, this Child-Parent Psychotherapy focuses on attachment and bonding through treatment. The caregiver learns appropriate understanding of developmental expectations through the dyadic relationship of child & caregiver This promotes healthy, caring, and meaningful interactions that meet the child’s needs an bring resilience to the family.

Teen Anger Management Group. Our Teen Anger Management Group is designed to assist teens aged 13-18 who have moderate to severe behavioral anger disruptions at home, school, or in the community or for those who have difficulty controlling outbursts or demonstrate issues with making healthy management choices. The group will follow the SAMSHA approved curriculum of “Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients,” but will also cover nuances of today such as: words make a difference; how does social media effect our choices; positive interactions styles for optimal outcome; agreeing to disagree; can we rely on Emoji to tell others how we feel; and understanding how our behavior impacts others.

Therapeutic Family Care (TFC)

This residential program utilizes licensed/certified Adults Family Care homes and provides care for adults and seniors with serious and persistent mental illness who have been determined could benefit from a family care treatment approach. Case managers work closely with the sponsors/caregivers to assure patients have appropriate referral and effective community networking services. The Family Care homes are licensed by the State of Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration and, after training, are certified by Charlotte Behavioral Health Care. For more detailed information, click here to visit our TFC Services page.

To learn more about how Charlotte Behavioral Health Care can support your family, contact us right away. We look forward to working with you.