Substance Use – Outpatient

Substance Use – Outpatient

Too often, people who need alcohol or drug rehab don’t receive the appropriate care because it would mean taking extended time away from their work or family.

With the flexibility of Charlotte Behavioral Health Care’s outpatient substance use disorder treatment program, adults, adolescents and children can work through addiction treatment without putting life on hold. Programs are ideal for people with a strong support system, a stable living situation, and the internal motivate to change.

Individuals are treated with respect and concern and are encouraged to view substance use issues not as evidence of personal failure and unworthiness but as a highly treatable condition for which there can be successful resolution. Our treatment services are effective in reducing drug use and helping people like you live more productive, rewarding lives.

At Charlotte Behavioral, each patient receives an individualized outpatient treatment plan designed to address issues specific to them.

Do you think you have a drug or alcohol problem? This short assessment will help you determine if you do.

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Addiction Treatment

Continue with Work and/or School

  • Ideal for those who need to work to help support their family, or are students working towards graduation.


  • Generally less expensive than residential care, but still provides high-quality substance use treatment for those with drug or alcohol addiction issues.
  • Insurance is accepted for outpatient treatment and generally covers most associated costs.

Access to Support

  • Allows individuals to remain in close proximity to their loved ones and support network while receiving the drug addiction treatment they need.


  • All services are always confidential.
  • Offers privacy because it reduces the need to explain extended time away from work or school.

About our Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Program

Our substance use outpatient program maintains a high rate of success, with 96% of individuals completing the program.

The Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Program operates on the belief that most substance abuse problems are best understood as part of a process. This process affects each     individual to a varying degree in all aspects of life including: physical, emotions, social, psychological, and spiritual.

Treatment is designed to address problems in each area. Individuals are treated with dignity and respect, and are encouraged to view substance use issues not as evidence of personal failure and unworthiness, but as a highly treatable condition for which there can be successful resolution.

Treatment includes: individual counseling, group counseling, and consultation with a board certified addictions professional. Our program goals are to:

  • help the rebuilding of relationships with family and friends
  • assist individuals in developing support systems to help maintain sobriety
  • assist individuals in developing skills to reduce relapse behavior

The Outpatient Substance Use Program provides both individual and group therapy services depending on the needs of the consumer. Some of our groups include: DUI Referrals, Coexisting Mental Illness (dual diagnosis), Dept. of Corrections Referrals, and Women with Substance Use Issues. Consumers are encouraged to seek community support with groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous.

To view or download our Substance Use Disorder Brochure, click here.

Note: This program receives federal Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Block Grant Funds and serves people who inject drugs. This program is therefore federally required to give preference in admitting people into treatment as follows:

  1. Pregnant injecting drug users;
  2. Pregnant drug users;
  3. People who inject drugs;
  4. All others.

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  • "I am grateful to the staff and the volunteers that cared so much about me and saw me as more than just another junkie. It means a lot to be treated as a valuable human being. I know that the future is bright, and I will make sure to give back to the community."
  • "Our family went to living a nightmare to living a fairy tale. Thank you for giving us the strength and courage to change our lives."