Family Support & Prevention Services


All families can benefit in some way from connecting with resources in the community to assist them with the challenges of family life and parenthood.

At Charlotte Behavioral Health Care, we have a number of programs and services that assist individuals by promoting healthy parenting skills and focus on strengthening families. Our programs and services can take many forms, but is overall designed to help the parents enhance their family communication skills and resolve problems in order to provide a healthy family and ultimately a stronger community.

When children are parented in a nurturing way with consistency and stability, they have the best possible opportunity of developing well and entering school ready to learn, and ultimately becoming productive citizens. Married couples, blended families, grandparents as parents, teen parents and single parents can all benefit from the Family Support & Prevention Services offered through Charlotte Behavioral Health Care.

Healthy Start Care Coordination services are dedicated to early access to prenatal care, the reduction of infant mortality, and the ensuring of positive maternal and child health outcomes, to pregnant women and families with children up to 3 years.  Care Coordinators help link families to needed community services in order to help ensure family success.

Parenting Classes for voluntary and court ordered/court-approved classes last 10 weeks and cover a variety of topics designed to promote positive and effective parenting skills.  Individual, in-home classes as well as group classes are available.  Parents with children 0-18 years can access these services.

Nurturing Parents Groups are parent facilitated 13 week class for parents to discuss a variety of topics such as family leadership, discipline and teamwork, the power to nurture, juggling work and family life, stress management, and much more.


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To learn more about how Charlotte Behavioral Health Care can support your family, contact us right away. We look forward to working with you.